About us

More than 20 years of experience! Ready to grow!

"Kurzemes Gaļsaimnieks" Ltd. was established in 1997, and it is located in Paplaka, approximately 35 km from Liepaja.

During all these years we have underwent major changes:  in January 2012 along with putting a new plant into operation we have created a meat processing complex that includes a slaughterhouse, a meat cutting unit and a meat processing unit, thus providing a full production cycle and ensuring high and stable quality of meat products and manufactured meat.

In spring 2021, the new extension to the production facility of Kurzemes Gaļsaimnieks Ltd was opened, bringing the total production area to 9000 m2.

The new premises will allow the company to significantly increase its production capacity and volume thanks to the introduction of automated lines and innovative technologies that will facilitate and improve daily operations.

The modernised factory extension was realised with the support of the European Agricultural Fund.

We offer our clients freshly cut meat, butchering co-products, manufactured meat and meat products – more than 120 products in total.

We work on development of new products with special care, always thinking about our customers; therefore we pay special attention to reducing the amount of salt and fat in our products. The Company's internal quality policy allows only minimal use of preservatives. The products are made from fresh, chilled meat; therefore the most valuable properties of meat are preserved.

Our products are sold in more than 3000 markets and catering companies. They are supplied to the largest Latvian retail networks such as «Maxima», «Rimi», «ELVI», «AIBE», «TOP», «LATS», «Mego», as well as to pre-school educational institutions, schools, medical centres, etc.  Fresh meat products as raw material for further processing is supplied to the biggest Latvian meat product producers.

We are always open for cooperation with clients by producing high quality products at affordable prices!

Jūsu Kurzemes Gaļsaimnieks